Javier Milei’s First Speech as President Elect of Argentina

In his first speech as President Elect, Javier Milei mentioned that it was a historic day to celebrate, but also emphasized that "from early tomorrow morning he will start working to bring solutions to Argentina.

Introduction and Gratitude

The newly elected President of Argentina, in his first speech, thanked all those present, highlighted the importance of freedom and announced the beginning of the reconstruction of the country. He then thanked all Argentines and stressed the importance of having united to achieve change. Special thanks went to his sister Karina for her support, and he acknowledged the work of Santiago Caputo as the true architect of the process. Finally, he mentioned the prosecutors who defended the votes and especially mentioned former President Mauricio Macri and former JxC Candidate, Patricia Bullrich for their support.

End of the Decadence and Return to the Liberal Path

In announcing the end of decadence in Argentina and the return to the path towards a prosperous future, he stressed that it is time to turn the page of our history and resume the lost path, the impoverishing model of the omnipresent State is over and the ideas of freedom are embraced again to become a world power again. Argentina has gone from being the richest country in the world to having high poverty rates.

Javier Milei clarified the importance of the current government authorities assuming their responsibility until the end of their term of office, next December 10. After that, it will be possible to start making drastic changes to transform the reality in Argentina. Taking into account the need to move forward quickly with the structural changes that Argentina needs. He mentioned the serious problems such as inflation, stagnation, lack of genuine employment, insecurity, poverty and indigence, and how embracing the ideas of freedom can be the solution.

Commitment to a different Argentina

Finally, President-elect Javier Milei, highlighted the commitment to a different Argentina and how it is essential to work together to achieve it, understanding the importance of recovering Argentina’s place in the world and the commitment to democracy, free trade and peace.

Full speech of President Elect Javier Milei

“Good evening to all of you who are here, to those who are out in the streets celebrating and above all, good evening to all good Argentines because today the reconstruction of Argentina begins.

Today is a historic night for Argentina. Many thanks to all those who came many, thanks to all those who made this possible, thanks to the team that has been working for 2 years to transform Argentina and to achieve the miracle of having a liberal libertarian president.

Many thanks to my sister Karina because without her none of this would have been possible and I also want to thank that giant who has accompanied me throughout this process, that giant who is usually kept in the dark who is called Santiago Caputo and is the real architect of this together with the boss.

I would also like to thank all the members of La Libertad Avanza who worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. I would especially like to thank the prosecutors, both those of La Libertad Avanza and those of Pro, who worked hard to defend the votes, because we said that the votes were there but we had to take care of them and they took care of them. Thank you very much, Prosecutors. On the other hand, I would especially like to thank President Macri and Mrs. Patricia Bullrich because they put their bodies to defend the change that Argentina needs.

I want to tell all Argentines that today begins the end of Argentina’s decadence. Today we begin to turn the page of our history and we return to resume the path that we should never have lost. Today the impoverishing model of the omnipresent State that only benefits some while the majority of Argentines suffer today the idea that the State is a booty to be shared among politicians and their friends today the vision that the victimizers are the victims and the victims are the victimizers today we return to the path that made this country great today we return to embrace the ideas of freedom the ideas of Alberdi.

In short, the ideas of our founding fathers that made us go from being a country of barbarians 35 years ago to being the first world power. These ideas are based on three very simple premises: A limited government, and I want to make this clear, that fulfills its commitments to the letter, respect for private property and free trade.

This model is in full view of everyone from being the richest country in the world. Today we are 130, half of the Argentineans are poor and 10% are indigent, enough of the impoverishing model of the caste, today we are embracing the model of Freedom to become a world power again. At the same time I want to tell all Argentines and all political leaders that all those who want to join the New Argentina will be welcome no matter where they come from. It does not matter what they have done before, it does not matter what difference we have. I am sure that what unites us is more important than what separates us because that is what will make the country stand up and become a power again.

In short, whenever you want to join the change that Argentina needs, you are welcome, we know that there are people who will resist we know that there are people who want to maintain this system of privileges for some and that impoverishes the majority of Argentines to all of them I want to tell them the following inside the law everything outside the law nothing in this New Argentina there is no room for the violent there is no room violates the law to defend their privileges we are going to be implacable with those who want to use force to defend their privileges to the government we want to ask them to be responsible to understand that a new Argentina has arrived and to act in consequence to take responsibility until the end of the mandate on December 10, so that once their mandate is over we can begin to transform this tragic reality for millions of Argentines.

Let it be well understood that Argentina’s situation is critical, the changes that our country needs are drastic and there is no room for gradualism. There is no room for lukewarmness, there is no room for half measures if we do not move forward quickly with the structural changes that Argentina needs. We are heading straight to the worst crisis in our history, it is essential that all of us who want to embrace the ideas of freedom again, work together from December 10th and we can give an answer to a society that has been abandoned by the political class during the last decades.

We have serious problems ahead of us, inflation, stagnation, lack of employment, insecurity, poverty and indigence. These are problems that can only be solved if we once again embrace the ideas of freedom. Problems that can only be solved if those of us who want a different Argentina work together. To all those who are looking at us from outside Argentina, I would like to say that Argentina will once again occupy the place in the world that it should never have lost. Our commitment is to democracy, free trade and peace. We will work side by side with all the nations of the free world to help build a better world. Today is a historic night, not because of us, but because one way of doing politics has ended and another begins. To the Argentines I want to say that despite the enormous problems. In spite of the bleakness of the situation, I want to tell you that Argentina has a future, but that future is liberal.

We are not here to invent anything, we are here to do the things that history has shown to work, we are here to do the same things that we did in our country during the 19th century, the same things that countries like Ireland did not so long ago. We have come to embrace the ideas of freedom, which are those that guarantee the prosperity of Argentines. If we embrace those ideas, not only will we be able to solve today’s problems, but in 35 years we will once again be a world power.

Today we are going to celebrate, but it is also true that tomorrow, from first thing in the morning, we will start working so that on December 10 we will begin to bring the solutions that the Argentines need. Therefore, I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and for believing that we can do it. How many times we have said and we have been tired of repeating that “The victory in the battle did not come from the number of soldiers, but from the forces that come from heaven”. Therefore, I would like to thank you all and I could not end in any other way: long live freedom, long live freedom, long live freedom. God bless the Argentines”.

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